Themis and Pool Bar

The Themis is the relaxing, calm and peaceful restaurant inside The Spa and the Pool Bar is the outside bar and decking area by the pool and Canada tubs that is run by the same team as The Themis.

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I started work in The Themis and Pool Bar on Wednesday 3rd July for a short four hour shift. This was to enable me to get an idea of the procedures, how things work and how the people work within this department. During this first day I was given documents to read through and sign indicating how to work the electrical items, such as using the smoothies juicers in a safe working manner, and also how to carry out certain tasks such as how to use the till and billing system correctly. The following day I began working regular forty hours per week with two days off each week. The rota was changing each week and so no two weeks shifts were the same. To begin with this was hard to get used to as I could never plan ahead for my days off, however I quickly adapted to the way that the rota was set. Having worked for a few hours on the first day I could see that it would be likely that the Pool Bar outside could get a lot busier over the summer with the expected good weather, and after working over the summer months I saw that my prediction was correct.

The Pool bar had a reasonably small menu and so it was quick and easy to learn all of the food and beverages that we had on offer to our guests and was therefore straight forward to be able to answer any of the guest queries. The Pool Bar had a barbeque outside that ran alongside it so all the products on the Pool Bar menu were prepared, cooked and served here.

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I worked for just over three months in the Themis and Pool Bar and learnt many things about meeting customers’ expectations and what to do when expectations were not met. I quickly learnt and adapted my skills accordingly to the work that I was to be carrying out during my time in The Themis and Pool Bar and soon after I began working I was being left alone to open and close the restaurant and pool bar. This was because I showed capability of completing jobs alone and I also had motivation to complete the tasks to the expected high standards. I thoroughly enjoyed being given opportunities to enable me to prove my skills and to test myself with more challenging tasks.

Nearing the end of my time in The Themis, on 12th October, the Operations Manager of the hotel held a small meeting with the staff in Themis to look back and evaluate the summer months using the figures he had collated. We found out from this meeting that there was a noticeable increase and growth from the previous year and that at that time we approximately £60,000 above the forecasted budget. Unfortunately as the summer has become so busy and we were not able to meet all expectations of customers we did fall under target for beverages. Our target of profit for beverages alone was 76.5% however we fell short of this target by approximately 9%. This was due to using beverages as a method of complaint recovery in some cases. For example, if it had taken far too long for a guest to receive their drinks and they had complained then it would be possible that the manager would offer the drinks complimentary to amend the issue and recover the complaint. I found the meeting with the Operations Manager extremely useful and interesting as it gave me the opportunity to compare the practical side of the work to the results that were given in proven figures.