Reception and Switchboard

I began working in Reception on 17th February and was working both in reception and on switchboard. I only worked in this department for one and a half months due to having limited time left of my placement year and I wanted to see more departments.

My responsibilities whilst on switchboard were to answer phone calls and transfer them to the necessary department or member of staff, complete the excel spread sheet called the E-report, cut the electronic room keys ready for arrival, input guests pre-authorisations into the database and to file all departures from each day.

My responsibilities for reception were to check guests in and out of the hotel, set up any extra packages in the rooms e.g. romantic package, cut electronic room keys for arrival, complete arrival checks, assist concierge when they were extremely busy and also complete banking at the beginning and end of each shift.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working in reception and switchboard as I had never worked in the front of house before; I had mainly worked in food and beverage departments. I was excited to work in reception because I would get the opportunity to see some of the bedrooms when I needed to set up packages in the bedrooms. I was also looking forward to working with computers and inputting data to the hotel systems and programs.

I feel from my time in reception and switchboard I have definitely improved my customer service skills as I was working towards helping customers on a daily basis. I also feel that I have become more confident with dealing with complaints and ensuring that customers leave the hotel happy. Having worked on a computer every day when working in this department I feel that my computer skills have improved a lot and so I feel that I could comfortably work a job that uses computers on a daily basis. Working in reception also taught me how important communication between all departments is. For example, reception needed to communicate with housekeeping and room service on a daily basis to ensure that rooms were ready for guests to be checked in. This included room service as some people had packages in their room that would involve room service putting a bottle of champagne, birthday cake, welcome back cupcakes or anniversary plates in the room prior to arrival.

Below is a photograph of rose petals on a bed that reception would do for romantic packages.

Photo 6