Introduction To My Placement!

I moved into the staff accommodation on Sunday 30th June and started having a look around the area on the Monday to begin to familiarise myself. On Tuesday, 2nd July, I had my induction day from 9am-4pm and was told that I would be starting my placement year in The Themis restaurant and Pool Bar. The induction day is a compulsory day that all new starters have to attend before they can commence their work in the hotel. I found out from the induction day that I would be working in the Themis Restaurant and The Pool Bar for the first three months of my placement. I would then move on to The Latymer, Reception and Switchboard and finally Reservations. We were given a brief overview of the hotel and the Exclusive Group during the induction. Exclusive Hotels are a family run group of hotels in the south of England. There are four hotels and two venues within the Exclusive group and I will be completing my placement year at the largest of the hotels; Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa. The Spa at Pennyhill is a 45,000 sq.ft spa that has ’twenty one therapy treatment rooms’. (Exclusive Hotels, 2010) Further posts through my blog will describe the areas that I worked in throughout my time on placement and the skills that I learnt and developed. I will also explain the tasks that I needed to carry out and my thoughts and feelings towards the departments that I worked.

I have attached a photograph of myself in one of my uniforms at Pennyhill Park.